A few words about myself.

My name is Rolf Larsson  and I live together with my wife Elfie
in Sweden in a suburb of  Stockholm, called Skogås.
My interests are in art and nature and I like to take different kind
of  photos: art, travelling, birds, animals and so on.
I use Nikon camera system. Earlier analogic and nowadays digital cameras.
Lenses from 17 mm to 300 mm. And I also use my telescope for bird
watching a Swarovski HD80 with a cameraadapter witch gives me 800 mm
telelens.The polarbeer from Svalbard is taken with that combination.
I have had a lot of exhibitions and informal lectures with slide show.
I have membership in Stockholm bird watching societies and Swedish bird
watching societies. I am also member in the Spanish SEO/BirdLife, WWF
and MGFK photographic Club.

If you have some comments about my photos you are welcome to take contact with me.